Sunday: Sept 25, 1630 CDT
As you have seen in the news, hurricane Rita missed us in Katy.  The highest winds I saw were late Friday night: 30 MPH and 40 MPH gusts.  We stayed on the outer edge of the rain bands and received little rain (maybe 1/2 inch).  In fact, many people are watering the their yards today due to the extreme heat.   At the house, I recorded a high of 102.2 on Sunday.

Our favorite pre-church donut shop was closed this morning. We went to church and were the only people there; we did not stay long.  We stopped by the grocery store (HEB) on the way home, but they didn't open until 9 am.  I went back to the grocery store at 9:05 and it was packed.  The parking lot was completely full, so I parked on the side of the building.  I was able to get everything I wanted.  There had to be 100 employees trying to get and keep the shelves full.  It was a loosing battle as 200 eager shoppers, quickly raced through the store to secure their needs.

I found gas on Saturday afternoon.  I ventured out late in the day to (hopefully) find some milk.  As it happens,  as I was passing the Randal's gas station heading north on Mason road, a delivery truck pulled into the median to turn in from south bound a Mason. Needless to say, I slammed on the brakes and was the first one at the pumps (ahead of the tanker truck).  The station filled with cars quickly and by the time I left, each line had at least 10 to 15 cars.  The grocery stores were not open, but I got gas!  It was still a good day.

Our guest - 4 people (2 couples), 4 dogs, and one cat - stayed with us Thursday night, but decided to leave about 5 Friday afternoon to go home.  Yes, this was just as the effects of the hurricane were coming on shore, but due to the distance we were from the actual land fall, they decided it was safe to return home.  According to the news, they experienced only slightly stronger winds than we did.

We spent Sunday morning returning everything in the yard to its rightful place (i.e. out of the garage).  We had the new patio furniture in the kitchen dining area.  The kitchen table was moved to the front room.  We spent Sunday afternoon avoiding the heat.

Thursday: Sept 22, 1830 CDT
As Rita makes her way toward the Texas (or Louisiana) Gulf coast, all prepare for the worst.  On Wednesday, the projected path was right at Katy Texas, but with each new advisory the path has moved eastward.  The worst of Rita so far is the lack of gasoline.  As millions (literally) leave the coastal plain, everyone has swamped the fueling stations.  No one has any left.  Stores closed Thursday afternoon - if they opened at all.  If you don't have it now, you are not going to get it.

The projected path currently has the storm making land fall near Port Arthur, Texas.  This about 110 miles East of Katy.  With hurricane-force winds only extending 85 miles from the eye, this means at Katy sustained winds will likely be around  50-60 MPH (much better than the 125+ MPH predicted just a day earlier).

Kaela and I tried to go to the store late in the afternoon, but everything was closing or already closed.  We saw I-10 the Katy freeway heading toward San Antonio and it was at a crawl.  The eastbound lanes were reversed - heading west to help the traffic, but I could see little effect (and few cars taking advantage of it).  The thing that strikes you most is the "evacuees" parked in various parking lots.  Every gas station was full, but there was no gas to pump.  People just waited for gas to be delivered.  Store parking lots looked like Interstate Rest Areas.


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